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    Hi. I purchased support for Kahuna and when creating a ticket, i get a message that my email has been classified as spam and to try later or post in the forum. Please advise

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    The questions i have been trying to create a support ticket for the last two days is this

    1) when navigating to pages, the page title shows up correctly but when going to the home page, the site name is shown instead of the page title. Is there a way to control this.

    2) The main menu remains in place when scrolling down a page. Is there a way to make it scrollable also.



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    Also, can you fix your support email spam filter

    Cryout Creations Team

    We’ve tracked down an issue after a recent update with the spam check blocking the forms entirely in some instances. That is resolved now, sorry about the trouble.

    1. The homepage is a special section for WordPress, which uses the site title, unless a static page is assigned as the homepage in which case that page’s properties will be used instead.

    2. The menu behaviour is configurable in the theme options.

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