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    Issue: in the Parabola Setting you can enable/disable posts on Front Page. The help icon text says: Sticky posts are not counted. If I enable odr disable the posts on front page – even if I write 0 when it’s enabled – it doesn’t matter. If I disable it, even the sticky posts are not shown, if enabled and 0 included for the posts to show, it shows the sticky and the normal posts.


    I’m having the same issue. WP is set to show 3 blog posts per page–which is what I want for interior blog pages–however, even though Show Posts on Presentation Page in theme settings is set to 0, the presentation page shows the sticky post & 3 normal blog posts.


    I figured out a workaround adding content-frontpage to my child theme and using the code snippet in item #9 here: http://wp.smashingmagazine.com/2009/06/10/10-useful-wordpress-loop-hacks/

    Hope this helps someone else!

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    Setting 0 for the posts count does not actually disable (this is because that number is used directly in the query and WP ignores this particular value).
    Why would you set 0 and keep the posts on presentation page enabled? That’s basically disabling posts, and you can do that by actually setting the option to disable.

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