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    About the closed Sticky Navigation Bar topic.

    The plugin My Sticky menu does not wok on mobile lay-out in Nirvana.
    Is there a chance you would integrate asticky function in the (near) future?
    Seemsthat more people would like to see this?


    I used an unfamous plugin called: Catch Sticky Menu
    And this works in the Theme Nirvana for desktop and mobile view perfectly.

    Desktop menu selector: #access
    I left the Mobile Menu Selector empty because I don’t want a sticky menu on mobile.

    However, when I wanted te mobile menu to get sticky, do not use #access or #nav-toggle
    because this won’t work well with z-index.

    Instead use for Mobile Menu Selector: #header.
    Then the z-index is right. The mobile header and menu is sticky.

    My problems with Sticky menu in the Nirvana theme:
    – The hamburger menu shows, but it won’t stick
    – Clicking on the hamburger menu (despite giving max/min-sizes) will not show the menu while holding the mobile phone vertically.
    – When turning horizontally, the menu shows, depending on min/max size in the width that is given
    – could not deactivate the plugin for mobile view. So: no menu on mobile.

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