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    Thanks for making Verbosa available and free! It’s nice. My WordPress instance is hosted on a private server, and it’s possible that an action may have triggered a server block while I was customizing my blog. This happened while I was trying to create a menu for categories. The server detected a blind SQL injection. The error log includes this information: “Matched Data: object_id found within ARGS:customized: {\x22nav_menu_item[-5801256707104388000]\x22:{\x22object_id\x22:3,\x22object\x22:\x22category\x22,\x22menu_item_parent\x22:0,\x22position\x22:1,\x22type\x22:\x22taxonomy\x22,\x22title\x22:\”. This is considered a critical error, so the server blocked my site. I am not a programmer, so I am just working from coincidences and timing. Have you had this experience? Thank you.

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    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Menu administration is core WordPress functionality and not something handled by the theme.
    Does this happen only when Verbosa is used or regardless of theme?

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    I will have to set up and try a different theme as an experiment. If the error occurs, I get locked out of my account so I am a little hesitant to try it on my operating blog. It’s possible that my web host is using a security rule that might be incompatible with WordPress, so it is important to run some tests. Thanks for your quick response!

    Website: geopick.com

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