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    Let me start with – I am very new to building websites and my nonprofit is also very new (so little funding yet and trying to be frugal)! I am hosting my site on InterServer.net and using WordPress via Softaculous. Not sure if any of the information is relevant, but want to be thorough.

    I installed GiveWP and it is awesome and easy to use. However, when I pushed to live and tested donating, upon submission of the donation, the spinning wheel started and never ended. The submission worked successfully (emails, money movements etc).

    I googled this issue and saw help info this on the GiveWP site https://givewp.com/documentation/resources/wp-engine-cache-exclusion-donation-confirmation-page/

    I don’t use WPEngine, but assume it’s a relevant issue.

    So I noticed there is a SpeedyCache plugin that was auto installed on my site. I went there and added the page exclusions referenced in the link. I retried to no avail, same issue.

    I then contacted my hosting site and asked them if they could add the exclusion. They said that’s not on their end.

    So not exactly sure what to do.

    HELP!! I really want to use this plug in, but will obviously need to change if I can’t get this resolved!

    Website: www.toolsharevc.org

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