space between header and page title; and above page titles on Main Page

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    Hi, I’m building a new page. My experience with css is almost none. I learn fast…
    I need to reduce the space between title/s and another elements (header & next text box):
    1. On my Main Page, after the slider and start page there is too much place between the end of the start page and the second one – next text box (wozki). Is it padding/margin of the title? Each next title has the same problem. Is there any possiblity to customize that space?
    I suppose i must modify :
    h2 class=”lp-text-title”

    2. The same problem is when display the pages alone – the titles are too far from the header
    Is it:
    h1 class=”entry title” itemprop = itemprop= headline”
    how to change this parameter?


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    1. You can controls the spacing before/after all landing page text areas with:
    .lp-text { padding: 2em 0; }

    2. You have an empty widget in the Content Before widget area which takes up space between the header and the page titles.

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