Something Broke After Regenerating Thumbnails

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    Hi, Working on this site for a client, I was building a new page and the header image was not displaying correctly so I ran Force Regenerate Thumbnails and the site broke. Only a few things stopped working:

    – the Logo was gigantic and I had to replace it with an actual size logo
    – the Facebook icon in the main nav moved
    – the overlay on the Serious Slider disappeared
    – the width of the Content Areas disappeared and is now 100% width
    – the background color on the text area disappeared
    – the NEWS (blog posts) page, all the images disappeared
    – the background on the “back to top” button is gone
    – the button on the annual report page changed color

    On the admin side:
    – the WP Mail SMTP plugin changed back to default (Bizarre)

    The biggest concern is just getting the layout and images back! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, kevin



    More info – I don’t know if it’s helpful.

    On the admin side:
    – the customizer is not working. When I make certain adjustments, like toggle GENERAL > SOCIAL ICONS, the preview disappears.
    – also the search in the main menu doesn’t work anymore

    among other stuff I’m sure. Other useful info:

    – Hosted at GoDaddy
    – I’ve deleted and reinstalled my child theme (doesn’t seem to make a difference)
    – I’ve turned off all my plugins, no change

    What is going on? I don’t get it. Thanks for your help. kevin



    OK, so I just installed a backup version of the site and all is back to normal. I’m going to install the site on my own server and see if I can replicate the problem and report back. Thanks. kevin

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    If the current site is the backed-up working copy, there are still some critical markup errors that can break the layout and cause unexpected rendering problems:

    I cannot say if or why these would aggravate after a thumbnails regeneration, though.

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