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    Great module works fine but with errors.
    I Run OC, and Bleen template works great with all modules but i get some errors from your module
    and syntax error when i open your template files in editor.
    Syntax error in TPL: <?php if ($selector) { ?>$(‘.display’).hide();
    and the Log says
    PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: cr2gridenabler_mode in /hsphere/local/home/peterlinux1/ on line 38
    PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: iters in /hsphere/local/home/peterlinux1/ on line 133

    Do you know what the problem can be??
    or do i have to remove your module and fix my Grid view tha manual way??


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Notices are not errors, they are just information for developers to write their code better.

    You should not be seeing PHP notices on a production server. If you do, the server is improperly configured.

    I’ll look into it and edit the module to fix those notices.

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    Ok, thats great,,, i want a clean log 🙂

    well i think my ISP have a lot of problems with the servers.
    They could more skilled personal. 🙂

    SC Tan

    Hi, Just got some problem with the Lite Html Module (free version)

    1) Under the AREA 1 – “Html Area” box (at the bottom), I selected “Area 1 ”

    2) then Under the AREA 2 -“Html Area box (bottom left), I select “Area 2”

    When I go back to AREA 1 tab, the HTML Area box changed to “Area 2”


    As a result, it show only one Html Area instead of three html.


    Please advice

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