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    Happy to be reporting a solution (Thanks to Zed, via Priority Support) rather than a problem.

    Let’s say you’re on a page related to a major section of your site (such as an individual post in the Home or Blog section, or a “child” page relate to a main “parent” page of your site). Currently, the main menu of the section you’re in will be shown as inactive. Which, imho, is a little confusing for the visitor, because if they are on a single post, the menu should reflect that they’re in that section.

    But thanks to Zed, here’s the css that will make it so that whenever a visitor is on a sub-page of any kind, the main part of the menu will be active:

    #access ul > li.current_page_parent, 
    #access ul > li.current-menu-parent, 
    #access ul > li.current_page_ancestor, 
    #access ul > li.current-menu-ancestor {
        box-shadow: none;

    Thanks Zed! : )


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