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    Updated to 1.5 today and have already gone through and gotten my child theme merged and tweaks done to get back to where I was. Only bug left in the install is with the social icons at top and side.
    On my presentation page – and only the presentation page – the social icons have no background and do not ‘animate’ as they do throughout the rest of the site. Comparing the source code for the Presentation page against the other pages, there seems to be a div missing from inside the <a> tags (the empty div with class “socials-hover”) when the presentation page generates.


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    As a quick bandaid, i just added the “socials-hover” div manually to the theme-functions line that was generating the <a> tag, bypassing the js that’s supposed to be handling it.

    I’m hoping there’s a more permanent fix that won’t require going in and reapplying this bandaid each time the theme updates.

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