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    Hey there! I’ve updated the links to my social menus (FB and Twitter) and saved the menu, but it doesn’t update on the front end. Any ideas?

    Also, the backend of my website shows all of pages in the nav bar even though 5 of those pages are child pages and should feature under one of those pages. It’s weird because the menu layout is correct and also the front end it is correct, but I’m afraid to make any changes and save, incase it saves to this weird version!

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks, Jo


    Cryout Creations mastermind


    Frontend not updating instantly after making changes in the dashboard is usually an indication that some form of caching is preset. Since you didn’t include an URL, I cannot look for the usual caching plugins signatures to confirm this.

    The menu layout should be displayed exactly as you have configured it in the dashboard (if you use a custom menu). If you rely on the default pages menu, then that should use the pages’ set hierarchy.

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