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    Hi there !
    Have been using many of your themes for a while, lots of thanks, you do such a great job, cryout people !!
    I’m trying to set up a site with your brand new Septera, and I use Serious slider for the first time. Links on slides are not clickable when on the landing page (but when the slider is set on a normal page it works ok). I suppose it is an issue you plan to correct… ?
    By the way, it would bo lovely to get an option to randomize the slides, could this wish come true ?!
    Have a nice day !

    Site is not on production yet, so it’s not easy to show you a link…

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    Actually, this update (0.9.7) seems to correct this bug partly: if header overlay opacity is set on 0%, links work again (luckily for me, i didn’t want any coloured layer !)…

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