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    I’m using sliders on my frontpage. But whenever I put in a new slider, it looks completely weird.

    The first sliders are the same size. The newest one is always smaller. How can I fix this?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Are you using the same image size? Your images are all different sizes.

    NivoSlider does not force resizing on the images.

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    Yes, they are the same size.
    I also experience smaller pictures to get bigger. But that’s no problem.

    My problem is that all new sliders are not 500 px in height, even when that is what I chose in settings. Older slides always change when I change the settings of the height – but never the new slides I put in. No matter what size the picture is they are always the same size (but smaller than the old slides).

    If that makes any sense 🙂 Do you see it on my website?



    you must resize a pictures. All pictures must have right size. Do not change settings.

    Best Regards


    Hi again,

    could you maybe explain further?

    The one picture with a different size has the same size as the others in original. 🙂
    They were all taken with the same camera and same settings.



    Or is it possible to hide some text?
    I’d like the title of each post to be the only text on my sliders.

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