Slider caption causes whole page to jump on smart phones

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    Martin Abel

    Hi There,
    Awesome theme. I’ve checked out a lot and none seem to touch yours, so well done indeed and many thanks.
    I have only a small problem really. The slider on the presentation page is great on full screens, but when it becomes more responsive on smart phones, then the captions appear dynamically underneath the images. However, these cause the whole page to shift up and down as they change in and out.

    Going the media query approach to hide the captions on mobile devices: I tried ‘display: none’ in my custom CSS plugin identifying the captions class as ‘nivo-html-caption’ but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Has anyone else covered this already? Apologies if yes.
    Any help very much appreciated.
    Actually I’m a web designer and will be using your theme to teach kids WordPress in an after school club, so will definitely donate once that’s up and running. Only fair. Awesome theme:)

    Martin Abel

    PS: The website in question is here:
    Just realised I didn’t include that in the main text.

    Kathleen Clohessy

    Hi..I can’t answer your question, sorry, but I looked at your site and I just wonder why you are hiding your beautiful slider images with all that text? I have no reason to suggest this other than I think you are doing your site an injustice there. How about a link and put the text on another page? Down below? Anywhere but right over the images that you obviously worked hard to create.

    Best of luck on your venture!

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