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    HI!! my slide presentaation page, not working in IE, Chrome.
    In Firefox is ok.


    Hi I came across your page by accident after searching and searching…. I believe you’re the best! I actually like Parabola as well.

    I am a volunteer at this church and really don’t make anything… but the satisfaction that I am helping others.

    As you can see I have a rough draft going on already:

    the old website I had was

    as you can see there’s a huge difference:

    before I put long hours to this site, I decided to beg you to help me, LOL…
    I know im a bit ambitious but this is my model of website I some day envision to have:

    right know im having difficulty trying to make it look like the demo you have, let alone
    the one I like….

    Thank you for your help…. Any help will be appreciated….

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