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    Hey, I have a little problem.

    I use Bravada with a dark background and therefore have set the text color to a light gray.
    It looks very nice, but when I edit a site, the text in the Gutenberg editor is light gray as well.

    Since the background of the editor is white, it is extremely hard to read anything.

    Is there somewhere an option to change this behavior, so the text in the editor is black or the editor background is the same as the website background?

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    You should be able to disable the editor’s styling through the theme options.

    I’m saying “should” because we haven’t tested that specific bit recently and the editor keeps changing and transforming.

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    Hi Zed,
    Thanks very much, it worked!
    Finally, I can edit my site without needing to highlight everything to read it!

    I wish you a happy Christmas!

    Kind regards

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