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    With the installation of Mantra v.3, I have two key issues. The first is that the sidebar on the right of my homepage has become too narrow, allowing for only five or six letters in a row on a PC browser. The second is that my header image has been cut off on the right side, as you can see if you visit the site.

    How can I fix these issues?

    Incidentally, when I open a blog post, the right column is slightly larger, though still more narrow than previous the previous Mantra version.




    Both of the issues should be corrected in today’s upcoming 3.0.3 update.

    The new versions have slightly more content padding and new default widths to work with it, but the configured widths are not changed automatically during the update.
    To accommodate the new padding and return the sidebar to a width similar to the previous version you should increase the site width in the settings. The new default content / sidebar widths are 800 / 340px (resulting in 1140px total width).

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    I did the updates today on my WordPress Multisite and it added the sidebar to right after the content. I have 900 websites with this right sidebar hanging there after the content. Was never there before until I did the Mantra update and the Cryout Settings update. My layout settings are correct. There is a bug here.




    Me too – after doing the update my right sidbar (web-display) has a width about 20px, schould be 250px.


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