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    I have been using the Nirvana theme with some success. Tonight I tested the Presentation page. When I disabled it, I suddenly lost my right sidebar and footer. The Jetpack plugin is telling me that the right side bar is no longer available. Is this a theme issue or a plug in issue? Either way I don’t have a right side bar or footer any longer.

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    You cannot technically “lose” a sidebar (just misplace its content).
    And I have yet to encounter a way to lose the footer.

    I see them both displayed correctly on your site. Are you still having this issue?

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    I thought I posted a reply last night.
    After trying out the presentation page, I disabled it and the sidebar and all its contents were no longer showing on my site. When I looked at the Jetpack plugin page, there was a note telling me the right side bar was no longer available. It said to remove the widgets. When I viewed the page the right side bar and the footer were not showing.
    I logged out and then back in again, and I had to customize through the theme again and reinstall the right side bar widgets. Then it was working fine again.

    It is resolved now.
    thank you.

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