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    Hi! I am designing a website and for some of the pages I have removed my header image. However when there is no header image the side menu will also have a white header (not full screen). You can see it on happening on this page. . However on my landing page (set with a banner image) and some other pages that have a header image are still fine.
    How can i fix this and make the side menu full screen on all pages ?

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    That’s the result of the menu bar having a background color when the menu is not displayed over the header image (when this background would get removed).
    You can force-remove the background with CSS:

    .burgermenu-active #site-header-main,
    .burgermenu-active .site-header-bottom-fixed,
    .burgermenu-active .site-header-bottom.header-fixed .site-header-bottom-fixed {
        background: transparent;
    .burgermenu-active .hamburger span {
        background-color: #fff;

    We’ll look into whether this should be the default theme behaviour.

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