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    Figured out with help from I didn’t use the css or functions.php files. I also modified the woocommerce.php file slightly.
    This allows the left side bar to show on the woo commerce pages. It will only work to show LEFT side bar.
    1. create file called woocommerce.php
    2. add the below text.
    3. Save
    4. FTP to /wp-content/themes/nirvana
    5. Change shop page template to Two Columns, Sidebar on Left
    6. Refresh your shop page.

    <?php /*
    * Template Name: Woocommerce Left Side Bar
    * @package Cryout Creations
    * @subpackage nirvana
    * @since nirvana 0.5
    get_header(); ?>
    <section id=”container” class=”two-columns-left”>

    <div id=”content” role=”main”>
    <?php cryout_before_content_hook(); ?> <?php woocommerce_content(); ?> <?php cryout_after_content_hook(); ?>
    </div><!– #content –>
    <?php get_sidebar(‘left’); ?>
    </section><!– #container –>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    Frank Kuijpers

    Hi Andrew,

    sorry to bother you. Seems I would like to achieve what you did. Have a left-sidebar on my shop page.
    I am still putting things together, so it is not “done” yet ( by far)

    Question I have for you is:

    I am on a Woo Canvas theme, so what you did should work there as well right? ( before I mess things up)

    -There is a woocommerce.php in my woocommerce pluging folder…should I modify that one with the code you provided , or?

    Thanks for helping put

    Andrew Voytas

    No Frank that will not work. It will only work with the Nirvana theme. I basically just copied the left side bar page template from the themes folder then added the woo commerce content in the middle of it. Your theme templates will be different.
    This is Cryout Creations content
    <?php cryout_before_content_hook(); ?>

    This is Woocommerce’s’s (LOL) content
    <?php woocommerce_content(); ?>

    This is Cryout Creations content
    <?php cryout_after_content_hook(); ?>


    Andrew sorry to be a pain but trying to follow your instructions and have not been successful in your last post you say you also need to modify the left side bar page template as well is that right, if so can you add a bit more detail please?


    I did not get it working either, lloks like step is missing from instruction above, please respond…

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