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    I have a shortcode for a property search form (Easy Property Listings) in one of the presentation page text areas that does not seem to work – when search is pressed it stays on the homepage rather than going to the search results page?
    Are you able to say whether it is a theme issue or EPL shortcode issue.
    <div id="eplhomesearch" style="margin-left:30%">[listing_search style="wide" post_type="all" search_house_category="off" search_location="off" search_country="on" search_price="on" search_price_global="off" search_bed="on" search_bath="off" search_rooms="off" search_bath="off" search_features="off" search_other="off" submit_label="Search"]</div>


    Cryout Creations Team

    That depends on the search form markup that’s outputted by the shortcode – specifically the action parameter, which can either be empty (meaning self) or be a specific URL.

    Does the shortcode works as expected inside other pages?

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