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    Alan Kellogg

    Oh, the settings page opens, but the specific drop downs don’t open


    I have reproduced this error:

    WP 4.0 (clean install on linux)
    Nirvana (taken from SVN a few hours after checkin!)

    In any browser (IE11 or Chrome 39.0.2159.4 canary (64-bit) or normal Chrome release)
    Open WP admin
    Install Nirvana and activate style
    Go to Appearance/Nirvana Settings
    The settings page is shown but the accordion will not work (nothing expands)

    [A similar issue has been raised on Parabola that has very similar code to Nirvana]

    In this case there is an error on the admin.js script (I think caused by something not loading correctly) where wp is defined but is not – so you are reading through a null reference.

    _orig_send_attachment =

    I have proven this to be the issue because I took this whole function out of the jQuery.ready function and now the settings accordion works and I can actually set things!

    This is NOT the correct fix but I offer it as the only way I can get it working. Over to you guys to correct properly as only you can!

    Many thanks for a great theme!

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {

    var uploadparent = 0;
    function media_upload( button_class) {
    // var _custom_media = true,
    // _orig_send_attachment =;
    // jQuery(‘body’).on(‘click’,button_class, function(e) {
    // uploadparent = jQuery(this).closest(‘div’);
    // var button_id =’#’+jQuery(this).attr(‘id’);
    // /* console.log(button_id); */
    // var self = jQuery(button_id);
    // var send_attachment_bkp =;
    // var button = jQuery(button_id);
    // var id = button.attr(‘id’).replace(‘_button’, ”);
    // _custom_media = true;
    // = function(props, attachment){
    // if ( _custom_media ) {
    // jQuery(‘.custom_media_id’).val(;
    // uploadparent.find(‘.slideimages’).val(attachment.url);
    // uploadparent.find(‘.imagebox’).attr(‘src’,attachment.url);
    // jQuery(‘.custom_media_image’).attr(‘src’,attachment.url).css(‘display’,’block’);
    // } else {
    // return _orig_send_attachment.apply( button_id, [props, attachment] );
    // }
    // }
    // return false;
    // });


    FYI – All – a big thank you to the dev team for sorting this with a patch in v0.9.6 of Nirvana!

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