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    Hi there!

    I just downloaded Parabola theme for my based blog and it seems like I can’t make any changes in ‘parabola settings’ tab. I have the latest updates of WP as well as Parabola.

    Any suggestion?



    just what I tried so far:
    -re-installed the theme
    -turn off all of the plugins
    -different internet browsers (Chrome and Firefox)
    -waiting (surely doesn’t help)

    To be more precise I go to Appearance -> Parabola settings and change whatever I like, hit the ‘save changes’ button then ‘Parabola settings updated successfully.’ pops up at the top. When i go to my website to check out the outcome nothing is changed, and when I get back to Parabola Settings everything is back to default.

    anyone any idea how to make it work? It seems like no one else has this issue.

    Frankie Tan

    Same here, I added some widgets into the right sidebar. Click a few times save, but still doesn’t appear. Try updating again, but cannot resolve the issue.


    Perhaps it is a good thing that I have not yet updated to Parabola 1.3.2. I have no problems with updating settings in version 1.2.2.

    However, attempting to export the theme settings leads to a pagefull of code error statements. I have captured the page, so if a Cryout software manager wants to look it over, I’ll be happy to send a copy upon request.


    Out of curiosity, what browser(s) are you guys using?

    I have found in the past, that WordPress does not play very well with IExplorer. WP Stuff that I could do no problem in Firefox simply did not work properly in IE. Perhaps switching browsers when updating your sites will help.

    Frankie Tan

    I’m using google chrome


    Happy Holidays!
    Having similar issues, no updates is saving. when opened via IE or chrome, no differences. It won’t even let me switch to another theme. please help.


    I’m using Google Chrome and Firefox, issue exist on both of them.

    I found a way to go around this issue, but it’s pain in the back and it’s taking ages.

    I exported default setting to the file, and than made changes manually in the settings code itself, than imported modified file to parabola settings and it actually works. Of course if I make any changes in Parabola setting in admin panel it resets to default again.


    This may be silly for some of you, but are you remembering to force a refresh of your browser’s cache by holding down CTRL and pressing F5 (or holding down ctrl and clicking refresh/reload) after you have made the changes? Hope that helps

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