Serious Compatibility Issues with Podlove Publisher

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    I use the Parabola theme for my web site (, which is a combination blog and podcast site, which uses Podlove Publisher to administrate its feed. My blog posts show up just fine on the presentation page, but the podcast episodes, which are supposed to be published into the news feed just like blog posts, do not show. In addition, having the presentation page activated also breaks the URL to my podcast feed blog subdirectory (…when anyone attempts to go to that address, it simply redirects to the front page. I need my podcast episodes to display up front. Please tell me how to fix this.



    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Since we don’t use this plugin to run tests on, I suggest you temporarily switch to a Twenty theme and test both behaviours to see if they are connected to the theme or not.

    The theme uses a separate query to render the posts list on the presentation page. If the plugin uses a custom post type and filters WordPress’ main query to include its custom posts in the main list, this might not work in the theme’s presentation page query.

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