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    I have Septera Version: 1.5.1. I used Elementor and Block Builder for my main page. On desktop or mobile live version 1) the header image is correct, but used to be a light blue color overlay over it. Now, it is in black and white. 2) The site title is now at the top of the page above the header and pushes the menu over to the right. 3) The “San Diego Mobile Notary” & “Mobile Notary Public Serving San Diego Businesses and the Public” has white font as programmed, but now that the image background is in black and white, I cannot see the wording on the live site. 4) The “The San Diego Mobile Notary” below the header image is cut off so only three quarters of the word is showing. Everything else on the first page seems correct. How can this be fixed when all the previews of the page look correct, but once live is incorrect? My SETTINGS: In WordPress Customize/Site Identity/Header Media, the header and menu looks correct: In Customizing ▸ Colors/Content, the overlay is correct. In Elementor,the Site Settings/Global Color/System Colors/Primary is correct. In site settings/settings background, background type is set to classic. Also, Global Colors/Primary is correct. In site settings/Background color, when I click on the little world, primary global color is correct for the desktop version. The mobile browser background is correct, too. The site title, Mobile Notary San Diego|Notary Public for the People, appears correct and is below the header under The San Diego Mobile Notary. Thanks for any Help?


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