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    Hi folks!
    First of all: Thnx for this great theme!

    I do have one question: Is it posible to show the featured image above a post? I know I can put it in the header. But most of my images are a bit bigger… So it would be nice to heave them above the post….


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Septera is designed to display the featured images above the posts (in posts lists).

    It also has an option to use these featured images as header images (under the Post Information > Featured Image options panels) when the featured image is large enough. This would make it display the featured image in the header (above the post) on single posts.

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    Hi, I am interested by the same fonctionality.

    My featured images are not large enough to be displayed in the header on the article page (wide screen mode). Therefore my articles are not illustrated by these images. Is it possible to have these images displayed on top/at the beginning of the article ?

    Great theme by the way,
    Thx for your help.


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