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    Hi Cryout,
    So, I have switched from PERABOLA to FLUIDA to BRAVADA because of Menu Problems. Now I find that the Section Title and the Section Description on the Landing Page in BRAVADA conflict. Specifically: The Section Title is very faint. The monitor/screen must be at a specific angle to see it. The Section Description is displayed on top of it, not below it, like it was in FLUIDA.

    I have searched the forums and read what I could find. (I did find a hint about a blank menu that makes it possible for me to use BRAVADA. –The guy with all the saxophones, that post helped– My Main Menu is now in the little hamburger icon. There’s also a menu in the sidebar. It works, sort of, anyway.) I can’t find anything about the problem I am having.
    I tried changing colors. The Section Title remains very faint. In fact, I could not find a color selection that would change it. I have read through the Themes Documentation and the tutorial on the Landing Page. Nothing that I found would help.
    My main site has been modified to remove the Section Title. The website URL below is the test site. It has both the Section Title and the Section Description set with text. You should be able to see the problem.
    I am not “mad” at you. I am just frustrated. I understand that you can’t foresee every situation.
    My next step is to try ESOTERA. But I’ll wait for you to answer this before I try it. I really want to get back to writing.

    Website: htt

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Bravada’s section titles are designed to appear in their own, peculiar way. You can see how this work with the default colors on the theme’s demo.
    I’m certain this design won’t work with all color combinations, though, but we’re not even aiming for that because it would simply mean having a dark text on light background everywhere (or the reverse) and no personality at all. Pretty much like today’s minimalistic design we see everywhere that lacks any identity. In my view not everything has to be a box with corners to be usable.

    It’s tweaks like these that CSS is for. Use the following identifier to target the section titles:
    .main .lp-section-header .lp-section-title { }
    Note that they inherit the general site text color and have the opacity lowered to appear that way – you’ll most likely need to adjust both attributes to customize

    In Bravada the main navigation is the one triggered by the hamburger icon and displayed overlaid on the site. The theme also supports an additional top navigation area, visible in the header between the logo/title and hamburger icon.

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