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    I’m having a problem with the search icon on my website ( ).It’s not showing up right away when I visit the site. I have to either hover over it with my mouse or touch the screen on my phone for it to appear. It seems like there’s a delay in how it’s loading or working. I’ve been trying to fix this issue by playing around with some settings in the Appearance section of my site’s customization options.

    I even tried excluding some of the .js files from being delayed in execution, hoping it would make a difference. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked so far. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions to this problem, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot in advance!



    It sounds like there might be a CSS issue affecting the visibility of the search icon on your website. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as conflicting styles or a specific hover effect applied to the icon element. To troubleshoot, you could inspect the element using your browser’s developer tools to see if there are any CSS rules overriding its visibility property. Additionally, check if there are any JavaScript functions controlling the visibility of the icon based on user interaction. By identifying and addressing the underlying cause, you should be able to ensure that the search icon displays properly without requiring hover interaction.


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