Safe Changes problem in any of the themes

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    I’M writing from Germany, so please forgive my english.

    I have the problem that whenever I do changes and want to save them a page with a lot of html (or css – I can’t tell because I know nothing about it) opens. Excerpt at the end of my posting. I have the problem with any of your themes.

    I can klick the “back” button though and the changes seem to be saved but are not shown in the setting areas (the default setting still show).

    Do I something wrong or is that a known problem? What can I do?

    This is the first part of the site that opens:

    Array ( [nirvana_side] => 3cSl [nirvana_sidewidth] => 900 [nirvana_sidebar] => 300 [nirvana_duality] => Wide [nirvana_mobile] => Enable [nirvana_zoom] => 0 [nirvana_hheight] => 150 [nirvana_hcenter] => 0 [nirvana_hratio] => 0 [nirvana_siteheader] => Site Title and Description [nirvana_logoupload] => [nirvana_headermargintop] => 35 [nirvana_headermarginleft] => 0 [nirvana_favicon] => [nirvana_frontpage] => Enable [nirvana_frontposts] => Enable [nirvana_frontpostscount] => 10 [nirvana_fpsliderwidth] => 1920 [nirvana_fpsliderheight] => 580 [nirvana_fpslideranim] => slideInLeft [nirvana_fpslidertime] => 250 [nirvana_fpsliderpause] => 5000 [nirvana_fpslidernav] => Bullets [nirvana_fpsliderarrows] => Visible on Hover [nirvana_fpslider_bordersize] => 0 [nirvana_fpslider_topmargin] => 0 [nirvana_slideType] => Custom Slides [nirvana_slideSpecific] => [nirvana_slideCateg] => [nirvana_slideNumber] => 5 [nirvana_sliderimg1] => [nirvana_slidertitle1] => Nirvana makes things easy! [nirvana_slidertext1] => Nirvana makes things easier than ever before. No coding and no extra CSS styling needed. With a simple user interface of over 200 settings you can change anything: every color, every line of text and every design element is editable with a simple mouse click from the Theme Settings. [nirvana_sliderlink1] => # [nirvana_sliderimg2] => [nirvana_slidertitle2] => Nirvana gives you choices! [nirvana_slidertext2] => This slider alone has over 20 options for you to customize it with: size, borders, animations, navigation types and individual slides are all editable via the Theme Settings.

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    Sorry, guess I posted this to the wrong place…

    It’s about the themes mantra, Nirvana, Parabola, Tempera and Zombie

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