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    I’ve just noticed that the responsive view on mobiles has stopped working properly on mobiles. My site ( uses normal pages with a right hand sidebar which now shows a very narrow “page” on the left with the sidebar offset on the right, where as the “page” used to fill the entire width of the mobile device, with the sidebar shown below. Any help is much appreciated.



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    This behaviour is most likely related to the optimization/minification functionality that’s currently used on the site.
    The theme requires its styling to be applied in a particular order for everything to appear correctly. When this order is broken (some plugins do this when merging styles into one) then odd behaviour like the one you’re seeing can occur.

    I suggest trying to exclude the theme’s style from this minifying/optimization (if the plugin supports that) or disabling CSS minification altogether (this may not be an optimal solution, depending on how many separate style resources your site is using).

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    I moved the site to a new hosting provider a couple of months ago and they automatically activated a Combine CSS function in their caching plugin. I’ve turned it off and everything is working correctly again.
    Thanks for your help.

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