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    Great themes, thanks for making theses available.
    I have an issue with the responsiveness of the fluida theme.
    It works great up to tablet size. but on mobile it crops my header image instead of just scaling.

    I have made it contained in the settings.

    I cant show the url as this is still on my localhost. But if my client approves I will purchase this theme. But I will need to resolve this mobile issue first.

    Kind regards


    It’s happening the same for me. The static image on my header was perfectly responsive until yesterday maybe, it scaled depending on device, and the behaviour was set on Contained. Now, I don’t know what happened but it’s not responsive anymore, I tried changing to Cropped but it’s the same: the image looks so big on mobile that it doesn’t fit the screen. Any ideas on a solution?? Thanx

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    If you are using a static image in the slider it is set to minimum hight to fit a button ect.

    You can override with this css.(from Zed, priority support)

    body .lp-staticslider .lp-staticslider-image {
    max-width: 100%;


    Hei markhartmeier, thanks a lot! You were super fast and it worked!
    I still don’t get why it was working on its own ’till yesterday and now I have to change come css in order to maintain some responsiveness, but it’s solved, so thanks again!

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