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    Hi, your template is amazing. Thank you so much.
    I’m using Anima and I have a problem with static image of the landing page. The image looks perfect in the desktop version, but it appears cropped in the mobile version (I can see just a part of the pic, its center). I didn’t choose the “cropped” option, but the “contained” one. I would like to have the same effect of Anima’s demo homepage where the pic resizes itself in the mobile version just scaling, maintaining always the same aspect ratio (and that pretty rounded corners).



    This is a change we introduced in the 1.0.3 update. It is an attempt to make the theme display as much as possible (height-wise) of the static image without distorting its aspect ratio (excluding the sides is the only way to make a wide image fit in a portrait location), because simply rescaling wide images to fit in can result in a very short image height.

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