Request for bottom aligning the featured images in presentation page columns

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    Request to bottom-align the presentation page column featured images. As of now, the vertical alignment of featured images depends on the length of the post title. If the post title is one line, featured image is aligned up. If the next post is two lines, featured image is pushed down. This disturbs the horizontal alignment of featured images. To make the presentation page look good, we are forced to modify the title of the post. If bottom alignment could be implemented, all featured images will come in one horizontal line.

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    There is no simple way to do this with CSS (the containers automatically adjust their height to the height of their content, so the images are already touching the bottom of the column containers, regardless of the title length discrepancy.

    You could solve this by forcing all titles to take up two rows (as the longest of the titles):
    #front-columns h3 { min-height: 3em; }

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