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    I can’t seem to find how to replace the default motorbike image on the front page. I’ve replaced the header image with the suggested size, and that works on other pages. I tried uploading a large image (4000×3000) and not cropping, but was told the image was too big for the site. I don’t find any other place to change the front image. There’s no video set, no slider, etc.


    I’ve been struggling with the same thing. In header.php there’s a function called cryout_headerimage_hook(). If you look for the hook you’ll land in core.php which contains a function called septera_header_image() defining the logic you’ll need.


    I was having the same problem and finally got rid of it. Go to Customize->Site Identity-> Header Media and and remove the “current header image”.


    @cgs18 I don’t have a “remove current header image” option – just hide image, which apparently has no effect on the main site (though it seems to in the sidebar).

    Partly for this reason, I gave up on Septera for the moment, but I’ll keep your method in mind should I try again. Thanks.
    Or maybe not. Just took a look, and it appears beyond my competence – can’t see how to point to the image I want. Oh well.

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    I figured it had to be easier than this, so I spent some time looking through the theme file structure, which led to this answer:
    1. in the theme images, the bike image is in the static image folder. My first thought was just to replace this with my own ‘bike’ image. But eventually, I found you can
    2. Go to Landing page > Slider > Slider image > Change file. That allows you to select a new front page image.

    This is not at all obvious, since after all, the image is not sliding. But there is a fairly cryptic note that says ” Slider Image The default image can be replaced by setting a new static image.” So there is a built-in method for this – it’s just hidden and not at all intuitive. I wish I’d found this before moving on to another theme. Maybe I’ll use Septera for something else.

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    @Corgrim Setting the slider works well to replace or disable the fullscreen hero on the front-page. But what about the half- or partial-height heros on the other pages?


    @corgrim please disregard my question regarding non-home header media. I discovered the header image settings under Customizing > Site Identity > Header Media. I’d actually seen this before and forgot where it was. It’s easily accessible, however, via deep link from WordPress > Appearance > Header.


    @jhabdas, that’s what I said, lol! Now that I’m getting the hang of things with this theme, I really like it and how customizable it is. But I agree @corgrim, it’s not obvious or intuitive. I’d love documentation, but I guess they don’t do as much of that with free themes. I’m staying away from paid themes because I can’t take them for a test drive before purchasing, and so many things like this come up where you’re just not sure if the theme is right for you. So, Cryout Creations, thanks for this theme and for a decent support forum. I’m relatively new to all this and finding themes that do what I want (like having a logo AND title in the header) has been frustrating, but this one looks very promising.


    @cgs18 For the record, I paid for one of their themes – to be precise, I paid for support for the Nirvana theme – and got great support. It isn’t (wasn’t) much money, and ended up being well worth it to me. That was after I’d played with Nirvana for a bit, decided it would work for me, but still needed to tweak it a bit. I agree on not spending money on themes upfront – you really need to play with them for a while first – but if you do choose one and have questions, it’s worthwhile.

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    Thanks, good to know the paid support is good. I just don’t want to go into a theme blind. Some have “pro” versions that I might be willing to pay for once I’ve tried the free version, but these cryout themes actually seem to have everything I could want. I used a free theme from another company for a different website, and while the theme was really nice, there was no support forum like this and the wordpress forum for the theme didn’t get many responses from the company or from others using the themes. These Cryout forums are nice.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Due to the fact that WordPress provides no way to define a preset image for image options in the customizer, we had to use a workaround to include a static slider image visible on the site by default.

    To change the sample image (the one with the bike), you can set any other image in its place under the theme’s Landing Page > Slider (Static Slider) > Slider Image.
    To disable the sample image, first set any other image there and then remove it.

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