Replace “Category” Meta Info Button with a Fluida Plus Button?

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    Rocky Trifari
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    The Fluida Plus theme uses boxed-in text very effectively. You can see examples of this throughout Fluida Plus with its usage of Plus labels, buttons, and tag clouds, all of which use white text on a solid rectangular background. Is there any way to incorporate this stylization to substitute our “Category” tags on the blog feed with a Fluida Plus button? Rather than plain text with a folder meta icon. I want my categories to pop a bit more and I think this could be a cool looking way to do it.

    Is there a pre-existing way to switch the way this meta info appears in Fluida Plus?

    Rocky Trifari
    Power User

    Perhaps another (and more simple) way of asking this is…. can we hide the meta icon and highlight the text with a background color?

    Rocky Trifari
    Power User

    Something to juxtapose the “read more” button that is already attached to each blog post, in terms of design.

    Rocky Trifari
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    Maybe it is not the perfect solution… but I think I actually managed to create what I was visualizing for my blog using CSS.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Tweaking the metas appearance with CSS would have been my suggestion too.

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