Removing the 6 tiles on the main page

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    Derek Sullivan

    How do I remove those 6 images on the main page of the template?

    Tui Allen

    I am no expert but interested in your problem. I’ll tell you where I’ve got to with this. But my needs are different from yours. I’m quite happy to have those items there but just want to work out how to change their content to my own needs.

    You go to the tempera settings and click on the “presentation page” tile. A whole lot of options appear. Scroll down to where it says “Presentation Page Columns” This is where you edit what you refer to as “tiles.” (It is those six pretty looking pieces of content they have there.)

    They are arranged in three columns with two items in each coloumn and they do look like tiles. I changed the number of coloumns to two and so now I have three rows of two items instead of the default two rows of three. I can’t see a way of making them disappear but there is an instuction there saying,

    “Load your custom Widgets as columns. Go to Appearance >> Widgets and create your custom columns using the Columns widget. You can use as many as you want.”

    On that widgets page it tells you, you can activate and de-activate widgets by dragging them on and off the page. I just haven’t worked out how to do this yet.
    I thought maybe you had to do it in the edit page facility we have in WordPress so I went into there and looked at my home page there, but it does not even vaguely match anything I have on the presentation page. But when I click view page its the presentation page that shows up! So that’s where I’m at – mystified.

    Tui Allen

    I found a way! I simply re-set the “Columns Content” field (in the “Presentation Page Columns” section) to “latest posts” The default there is “Widget coloumns” but you can choose others by using the little drop-down menu. Because I have no posts yet, nothing shows up so the whole column zone has vanished and will stay vanished until I have some posts I guess.

    Tui Allen

    Now I’ve even worked out how to do the dragging thing I mentioned above! You just drag it right there on the widgets page! The sidebars themselves (and other places you might want to drag them to, like the Presentation page) are all right there on the same page on the right hand side. Don’t know why I didn’t see them! Doh!
    We live and learn.


    Hi! I thought I’d give you another way of doing it. For my website, I went to the widgets page and dragged a “Cryout Column” widget to the “Presentation Page Columns” area. If you want the area to not show up at all, just don’t add anything to that widget. Just by putting the widget there, it overrides the example pictures and nothing shows up. I hope this helps you! 🙂

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