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    With the update to 3.0, there is now a huge amount of space above the titles on pages and posts that can’t be removed on the page itself. How do I move the titles back to the top of the page?


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    Not only that, but lists and dropdown menu’s have double space.
    Doesn’t look nice.


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    @joynanda: you’re hiding page titles. Use this CSS to reduce spacing between the (now invisible) page titles and content:

    .page .entry-content, .page .entry-content :first-child {
        padding-top: 0;
        margin-top: 0;

    : are you referring to sidebar lists?

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    That worked like a charm, thank you Zed.


    Yes, sidebar lists, but also dropdown lists from frontpage tabs are double-spaced.
    And there is extra space between the elements on the presentationpage; it used to be more compact.

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