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    Hi, everyone!

    First, thanks a lot, Zed, for the wonderful themes Esothera and Arcanum! They are just great!

    Now, I was wondering whether there’s a way to remove the box around the site title, and leave it just with letters.

    The animation of the site title is cool, too.

    Thanks again,



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    Cryout Creations mastermind

    We should all thank Mr. Kay for the wonderful themes he’s creating. I’m mostly in charge of the brick and mortar work underneath (which is not really that visible on the surface) 🙂

    You can easily remove the border around the title with CSS:

    body #site-title a {
        border-width: 0;

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    Hi, Zed!

    Kudos for Mr. Kay, then, too! I do appreciate your work, guys.

    And thanks for the CSS. It worked like a charm! The owner of the site may prefer to keep the border, though, so if you check the site and it’s still there, it’s not because the CSS didn’t work, but simply because the client wanted to keep it.

    Thanks again for your kind and prompt response!



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