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    Firstly, I love the Mantra Theme, it is so good for a freebie! On one of my pages (equipment) I have created anchors for specific sections within the page. The anchors have the same name as 4 pages I have attached to the parent (equipment) page. I wanted to create redirects , using a plugin, to those anchors when the drop down link part of the menu is clicked. This all seemed to work, but then if I have to make any changes to the Mantra Settings (any change at all) my whole site reverts to a thin column in the middle of the screen and the Mantra Settings page sticks with all sections open and the layout section overlaps with 0 pixels width which cannot be amended. I then have to deactivate the plugin ( i have tried several) and reset the Mantra settings to default and reconfigure everything again.

    Is there a redirect plugin you can recommend to achieve this? Or am I trying to do something that isn’t possible? It doesn’t seem like it should be a  complicated thing to do.




    Please  ignore, I have used custom menu to solve this. OF course it was very simple.

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