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    Hello there.

    Before I purchase one of your lovely Plus themes, I would like to ask what is meant when you say that buying a Plus theme includes a year of updates.

    Does this mean that after a year you would not allow the theme to be updated? What if a new WordPress version causes issues? Would a person have to pay out for another year of updates/support? Or maybe buy unlimited support?

    This is the only thing causing me to pause on buying a theme, I would really appreciate clarification on this 🙂

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    So I went ahead and bought Anima Plus anyway.

    I’ve just tried to put my license number in and I’m getting an “options page not found” error.

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    Single Plus theme purchases and Developer Club Membership have a 1 year licensing period. Once this term has passed/expired you will need to make a new purchase to continue receiving updates and support.

    The purchased product(s) will continue to work regardless of the status of the license. Using our themes is not conditioned in any way to having an active subscription, however we no longer provide support, security and feature updates after the license expires.

    Due to the continuously evolving state of digital goods and services, we choose not to label any of our services unlimited.
    I personally believe that lifetime licenses are misleading at best. No developer can and will provide maintenance and updates forever. At most they do so for the lifetime of the product, which is usually no more than several years.

    Concerning the error you are encountering, please create a support ticket with more details on the steps that lead to this.

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.
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