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    Really beautiful theme I love it!

    I’m trying to optimize my website and i’m using Bravada.

    2. What are the Properly Image sizes for Bravada? I want to upload images on that specfic requirement.

    2. After the update one of the menu seems to be in plus. How can I Hide/disable menus?

    3. When I set Landing page > Featured content > Posts the thumbnails for the latest post are very small…

    Thank you!

    Website: -

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    2. The optimum image sizes are those set in the theme’s configuration options (there are multiple configurable size values) or any sizes that are larger than those values but have the same aspect ratios.
    If you want to see the exact image sizes that are used on the site, you can install our SysInfo plugin – any image size that includes bravada belongs to the theme.

    3. If you do not use a custom menu, then the theme will display WordPress’ automatically generated pages list menu.

    4. There was a hiccup in some theme version that made some images display with unwanted extra empty space around theme – this is fixed in the current theme release. If you feel the images are still too small, check the registered image sizes (#2).

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