Problems saving, It says it does, but it doesnt

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    I have a problem with the saving in the tempera settings. It says that its saved what i do, but it doesnt.My problem is with the fonts which I have selected Note

    General Font “;Noteworthy

    Post Title Font “; Market- Regular

    Widget Title Font “;Noteworthy

    Site Title Font “;Market- Regular

    Main Menu Font “;Noteworthy

    Headings Font “; Market- Regular

    And the title of the main page and the title of the widgets is another font that hasnt been selected. If you could let me know how to REALLY save the changes I would really appreciate it. As the font that appears its another one!
    I wanted to send you a capture of the front of the website for you to understand better, but there is no way to add it to this message, hopefully its clear enough.

    I look forward to you solution, as I would like to put my website official this week.
    Thank you in advanced

    Best regards

    Cryout Creations Team

    Not all the elements on the presentation page were controlled by the theme options at the time you reported this.

    The latest update (0.9.5) improves things and future updates will eventually allow you to customize everything.

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