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    John Mulder


    First of all: great, really great theme. I’m currently busy setting up a new website and I love it.

    One issue I encountered yesterday: there is a problem implementing Shareaholic plugin and functionality. The thing is:

    1. As soon as I have verified my site with shareaholic I cannot get rid of the floating social media icons. When I switch to a regular WordPress theme, that problem dissapears
    2. In the shareaholic dashboard, one may change look and feel of the buttons. This does not work when using Nirvana. Again switching to another theme solves the problem.

    By the way: yesterday I uploaded a dutch translation. Did you recieve it?


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    It sounds like there may be some CSS rules overlap, but we’ll need to test the theme with Shareaholic to investigate the issue further.

    Thank you for the translation, we’ll include it with the next update.

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