problem with menu bullets and German translation in 0.9.10

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    Hi, i’ve got a question about the menu bullets in Verbosa 0.9.10. On the theme’s demo page, the bullets in the menu have an effect which colors and resizes them on hover. But in 0.9.10, which i downloaded for testing, the bullets don’t change at all. They just stay the way they are. Was this effect removed? And if so, then why?

    And the German translation is no longer working, because of that i’ve created a completely new translation using Loco Translate, and placed it into wp-content\languages\themes. Works like a charme.

    I’m using WordPress 4.7.5

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The bullets no longer colouring is a side effect of the style/markup changes performed in 0.9.10 to fix the (sub)menu arrow indicator position when submenu is open.

    We are looking into the translation issue.

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