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    I use the Esotera theme (v1.2.5.1).
    I’m on wordpress 6.1.1.

    I think there’s a problem with the “gallery” block.
    An example on this page where the firts pictures should be displayed in 4 columns, and then in 3 columns :

    Does anyone have the same problem ?

    I have another website (6.1.1) but with the “Fluida” Theme and don’t have that problem.

    Thank you for your help



    Having the same issue here with the Kahuna theme:

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    I cannot recreate this issue in Esotera on our test site (I didn’t check Kahuna). Comparing the markup and styling used by the galleries, I notice your sites are both missing some built-in WordPress styling that should be applied to the gallery elements (see screenshots below – first one is my test site, second and third are your sites, last image is the inline WordPress-generated styling from my test site that’s missing on yours).

    I suggest temporarily switching to one of the default Twenty themes to check if the gallery works fine there. If it still doesn’t, look into any optimization plugins that may merge/minify the styling.

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    Hi Zed,
    Thanks for your answer.
    It works fine with the Twenty Twenty One Theme, I forgot to told you that I did tried that.
    How can I deactivate all my plugins without injuring my website ?


    Works fine in Twenty Twenty One here as well. It also used to work fine in Kahuna. I don’t have any optimisation plugins or anything that affects the styling, and disabling as many plugins as I can makes no difference.

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    i have the same issue. On two completely different sites, different hosters.
    One is has your Mantra-theme, the other has the Roseta theme.

    The Gallery block items are rather small, it should be possible to have 4 in a row. In edit-view, its displayed as desired, but in the public frontend, all gallery-images are displayed one below the other.


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    Any ideas, how to fix this bug, @ cryout @zed ?

    Here is another link to a post with a gallery; different website, different theme from cryout (Mantra), but the same issue.

    The width of the gallery-container (?) seems to be something around 50% of the post-content-width.



    Any chance this bug is going to be fixed? I can’t really use galleries any more!



    The best solution I’ve chosen is using a gallery extension until the problem is fixed 😉


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    I downgraded Roseta 1.3 to 1.2.2, which fixes the issue @Zed

    It’s the same issue with several (all?) cryout themes: the bug was introduced in the latest version.

    But, it is strange: On a new wordpress-site, on which I install the latest roseta for the first time, the gallery block works fine. So, the issue only occures on longer existing sites, which were updated.

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