Problem with Cryout Serious Slider won’t display all slides in slider

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    Cryout Serious Slider won’t display all slides in the slider. It just sits at the first slide. I’ve used with on another theme and it works fine. There are 2 slides but it won’t transition/activate to the 2nd slide.


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    There is a JavaScript error on that page which prevents all other scripts (including the slider’s) from working correctly:

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    Hello, the theme developers said that they fixed the js error. But the slider still doewn’t move to the next slide. Any ideas?


    And thank you!

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    Is there any way the app could detect those failures to load and deal with it without a restart? These issues happen several times a day, on all the devices I’ve seen installed. No other reddit app has that problem…

    Edit: saw in your pinned thread that you’re planning a rework of the caching system, great to hear! Thanks for your awesome app homeofapk


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