Printing in Chrome gives Grey Box and No Text

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    I represent a cultural organisation which runs a literature festival. Some time back I installed the theme on our website and it carried us nicely through this year’s edition of the lit fest. As part of the preparation for next year’s event, and the upcoming events, I wanted to move on to the Plus version of the theme.

    I have just realised however, and with much horror, that on Chrome browsers, trying to print the page yields a large grey box pretty much the size of an A4 page, and no visible text. At first I thought that I might have done something wrong in the customisation process. However, I tried printing from the Esotera demo page on the Cryout Creations site, and the same thing happened! Page after page of full-size grey boxes.

    Is this an incompatibility affecting all users? Can be addressed from your end — it would help me understand whether we need to consider a new theme (the ability to print from our website is essential, regardless of browser used — the issue only happens on Chrome) or purchase the upgrade if there is a solution in sight.



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    Me again. Switching off the Background Graphics option in the Print dialog simply removes the grey box — text stays invisible.

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    Anyone? @zed?

    Cryout Creations Team

    I’m not sure how I missed your message on my previous rounds through the forum.
    I can confirm the issue is present in the theme and we’ll have it fixed in the next update. Until then you can apply the following custom styling to your site to correct it:

    @media print {
        #site-header-main .site-header-top { display: none; }

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    Thank you so much!

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