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    First I would like to say that I love the Verbosa theme, it is perfect and thank you for making it free for us. I have a question though, I saw this been asked before but there was no answer to it. I would like to change the Primary Menu name, it is now set to MENU by default but that doesn’t really suit my site purpose for this menu, I would like to rename it into something else that matches the purpose better. I have renamed it when I created the menu but the name I set for it doesn’t effect how it is called on the site. Is it possible, with a piece of css to rename it? I know I can create another menu in one of the other sidebar widget areas via ‘add widget’ and give it the name I like, but then it doesn’t show as nicely on the mobile menu as the primary menu does (sliding from left to right). I hope you can help.
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    The “Menu” title can be customized using WordPress’ built-in translations support. Please see our tutorial on this subject:

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