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    My primary menu in the header is fairly wide, and I noticed that when I make the browser window narrow the menu breaks over to create a second row for the menu below the title, which is fine. However, the header background doesn’t extend to that second row when I scroll down (fixed menu enabled). This means the menu overlaps with the content and becomes unreadable.
    It doesn’t make a difference whether I choose “over the header” or “normal” as header position.

    The site is not online yet as I’m still setting it up, but here is a screenshot: screenshot

    Basically, I want the white header background to extend to the menu below. Is that possible or do I have to disable the fixed menu? That would be a shame, as I like the feature.

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    The menu content needs to fit in the available space on most target devices (on smaller screen the mobile menu activates and replaces the standard menu).

    Otherwise, you’d need to customize the mobile menu to make it appear as soon as the menu no longer fits in one row.

    The fixed menu and menu over image options have no effect on this behaviour regardless of their status.

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