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    first, I am not sure if this is bug or not. When creating a post, I choose it to be in two categories A and B. B is chosen to be primary category for the post, but breadcrumbs show category A and not B. I am not sure why it does that. Any help?

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    As far as I remember, there is no ‘primary’ category in WordPress. They’re all equal.
    Breadcrumbs use WordPress’ functionality to figure out the category a post belongs to, and WordPress orders categories alphabetically, so A will always be chosen before B.

    Are you using a plugin to select a primary category?

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    Oh yes, I am very sorry. I was always using customized installation of WordPress from my hosting provider and they preinstalled Yoast SEO. One feature is to make category primary, but it needs adjusting when customized theme is present.

    It was really easy to have mistaken it for native feature as it is right in the categories menu.

    Thank you for reply and thanks for your great themes.

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